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Experience all that's possible in Dubai

There's a simpler way to experience the best of Dubai. With a Dubai Pass you'll get pre-paid access to the best attractions, tours and sightseeing experiences in the emirate.

With over 45 attractions and activities to choose from citywide, you can create your own tailor-made Dubai experience. Each pass offers unbeatable value and convenience - there’s no need for cash or a pocketful of tickets. Simply present your pass and you’re in.

What is it?

With a Dubai attraction pass, you get cash-free access to all the city’s top attractions, from the Burj Khalifa to Atlantis Aquaventure, desert safaris to dhow cruises - with savings of up to 60%. Best of all, you just pay once to get instant access to your hand-picked destinations straight from your pocket. It couldn't be easier.

What's included?

A single pass gives you access to a world of must-see attractions and experiences across Dubai. There’s no need to change extra currency, carry large amounts of money, use your credit card for small amounts or fumble with tickets at the gates. It’s the most convenient and cost-effective way to explore Dubai.

How does it work?

Simply select the package that best suits your plans and customize which attractions you’d like to see. Want to see it all? Opt for unlimited pass which gives you access to everything. The choice is yours.

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    Dubai Pass for Attractions  
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    Dubai Unlimited Attractions Pass  

3 Items

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